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Opti-Grid is a direct replacement splash fill for use in crossflow and counterflow towers where dirty water is a concern. Optimum performance in a splash fill is the result of maximizing the number of water droplets in order to produce the highest surface area of water available to the passing air. Narrow horizontal strips, in uniformly spaced tiers throughout the heat transfer area, provide optimum efficiency. 

Splash fills maximize the water-surface-to-air interface. Instead of sheet surface, splash fills increase the water droplet surface. The splash fill breaks the water into smaller droplets, continually exposing more water surface to the airflow. The splash fill also allows the water to stay suspended allowing greater time exposure to the air. Historically, splashing fills have been made of a wood lath matrix or other forms of PVC or Polyethylene.

Principle of Operation Splash Fill

Opti-Grid uses a patented floating hanger design that allows fill layers to float for excellent fit in slanted crossflow designs. Because of the small surface area exposed to water, it is a truly non-fouling splash fill. It is used extensively in utilities, refineries, sugar and steel mills, and food processing plants for this reason. This design offers reduced pressure drop, improved splash surface, non-fouling ability, and maximum strength. Opti-Grid has proved successful in replacing wood decks and older type plastic grids. 

Made of polypropylene, it is resistant to attack from acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, and biological and chemical attack. Opti-Grid contains UV inhibitors and can withstand continuous operating temperatures up to 180 ° F. 

As an option, Opti-Grid is available with an ASTM E-84 rating of ≤ 25 using flame retardant additives. 

  • High Efficiency 
  • Non-Fouling Design
  • Maximum Strength
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