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PRODUCTS - Splash Fill
Opti-Lath is Tower Components' latest design of crossflow cooling tower splash fills. Designed specifically to enhance the performance of existing towers, it also provides equal performance in new towers at lower fan horsepower requirements.

Opti-Lath is an open mesh assembly of strands and is reinforced by eight longitudinal strands, four in each corner of the rectangular section and four equally spaced in the center. The transverse strands that surround and locate the longitudinal strands, are spaced uniformly along the length of the bar for extra durability.

Opti-Lath can increase the thermal performance of your tower by as much as 20% over a comparably spaced wood lath.

Opti-Lath can be manufactured from either high density polyethylene or polypropylene material, both of which contain UV inhibitors and are resistant to chemical and biological attack, acids, alkalis, and hydrocarbons.

As an option, Opti-Lath is available with an ASTM E-84 rating of ≤ 25 using flame retardant additives.


Superior Performance Over Wood / PVC Laths
Maximizes Air / Water Interface
Available in HDPE or PP Material