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PRODUCTS - Film Fill
Opti-Pac 1200 is a cross-fluted film fill media manufactured from rigid PVC sheets conforming to CTI STD-136 for cooling tower heat-transfer applications. The media is fabricated from corrugated PVC sheets that are solvent-welded for maximum strength and resistant to UV, rot, fungus, organic and inorganic solvents, acids, alkalis, and chemicals normally found in cooling tower waters.

Modules are fabricated in 12" or 24" depths, 12" to 24" widths, and in lengths up to 12'-0". Sheet spacing is 0.46". Heat-transfer area (wetted surface) is 69 ft2 per ft3. Standard PVC sheet mil thicknesses are 10 mil and 15 mil after forming. Weight per cubic foot is approximately 2.9 lb for 10-mil and approximately 4.3 lb/ft3 for 15-mil. Custom dimension modules and mil thicknesses are available upon request.

Physical Property ASTM Test Units Value
Density D772 g/cm3 1.39 – 1.45
Tensile Strength (yield) D882 lb/in2 6,000 min
Flexural StrengthD790lb/in2>11,000
Flexural ModulusD790lb/in2>525,000
Stiffness in FlexureD747lb/in2525,000 min
Gardner Impact StrengthD4226in lb/mil1.0 min
Tensile Impact StrengthD1822ft lb/in2255 min
Heat DeflectionD648Deg F.255 min
FlammabilityD635Self extinguishing Less than 5 seconds
Flame Spread RateE 84Less than 20



High Efficiency
Material Complies with Cooling Technology Institute Standard 136
Solvent Welded for Maximum Strength and Pack Integrity
Engineered Microstructure for Improved Water / Air Mixing
Improved Water Distribution
Available in PVC or HPVC Material

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