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PRODUCTS - Drift eliminators

Opti-Wave drift eliminators have extruded PVC sine wave profiles 50 mm thick with reinforced upper and lower edges. This provides extra stiffness for long spans with minimum deflection. Spacers secure wave sections uniformly at 2-inch increments for increased stability and modules join together with an integral locking feature that holds the assembled module grid securely. This provides for fast and efficient assembly. Modules can be cleaned if they become fouled.

Opti-Wave profiles come in any length, and are manufactured of rigid PVC. Spacers are manufactured of polypropylene.

Designed primarily for counterflow towers with air velocities up to 600 fpm, the Opti-Wave Drift Eliminator's maximum drift rate is .02%.

When used in crossflow installations, the wave spacer is perforated to permit drainage of the accumulated drift back into the fill section. Maximum drift rate is .02% at 550 fpm.





Minimizes pollutant introduction to atmosphere
Minimized pressure drops
Easy installation
Compatible with most Film Fill Media
High ratio of drift mass to total drift mass