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APPLICATIONS - Water Quality/Dirty Water Concerns
Fouled film fill will always reduce cooling tower performance. Film fills are more efficient than splash fills, but they foul when used in the wrong application. Examples of misapplications include processes using lubricants, such as steel or aluminum rolling mills; cooling towers located near coal or fly ash piles; cooling towers near plowed farmlands; cooling towers using processed sewage or geothermal effluents; and cooling towers where make-up water contains high concentrations of various minerals.
wter quality

Film fill that begins to foul in a short period of time is subject to continual fouling unless the circulating water is treated or filtered. The fill-fouling process usually starts at the bottom and progresses upward thru the fill packs. Tower Components has worked with many facilities to solve fouled film problems by installing one or two feet of film fill under the distribution system along with several feet of Opti-Bar splash fill positioned beneath the film fill. Should you have an application where the existing film fill is fouling and, due to performance loss, the fill is being replaced every few years, contact Tower Component's Sales Department for an overview on what may be done to solve the problem without a loss in tower performance or the repetitive expense of having to change the film fill every few years. 

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